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Government Project Approvals:

X-Terra Environmental Consulting has worked with many government organizations in helping companies gain approval for their projects, including:

Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment:

  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment requires project proposals (and previously environmental protection plans) for working within Provincial Parks, Provincial Forests, Wildlife Development Fund Lands, Wildlife Protection Act Lands, native prairie, rare and endangered species habitat, etc. The Ministry of Environment also requires the completion of a Private Land Checklist for all projects on private land in Saskatchewan, and submission of mitigation where required.

Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy:

  • The MoE coordinates, develops, promotes and implements policies and programs of the Government of Saskatchewan. Their mandate is to promote, coordinate and implement policies, strategies and programs that encourage sustainable economic growth in Saskatchewan’s energy, mineral and forestry resources.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture:

  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture requires Restoration Plans for projects proposed within Crown land. Their mandate is to promote the sustainable and integrated use of Crown land while providing opportunities for diversification and economic growth.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada / Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (AAFC/PFRA):

  • The PFRA is a branch of AAFC that manages PFRA community pastures throughout the Prairie Provinces. The PFRA hasd specific environmental assessment guidelines, however the PFRA system is being phased out.

Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (WSA):

  • The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency leads management of the province’s water resources to ensure safe drinking water sources and reliable water supplies. The SWA processes applications for the temporary right to use water under the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Act, 2005.

Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD):

Alberta Energy Regulator (AER):

  • The AER is responsible for environmental assessments related to energy resource activity in Alberta. It requires completion of Enhanced Approval Process Forms, Water Act Approvals and associated compensation packages, Environmental Field Reviews, and the Special Areas Board – Environmental Review forms.

Indian Oil and Gas Canada (IOGC):

  • Indian Oil and Gas Canada requires EA’s and one and five year facility audits for projects working within First Nations’ Lands. The purpose of this agency is to protect and preserve lands from environmental damages. A company must demonstrate compliance with environmental terms and conditions attached to the surface agreements.

Inuvialuit Land Administration (ILA) & Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada:

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