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Regulatory Approval Documents
Government Project Approvals
Spill Remediation
Environmental Monitoring
Vegetation & Wildlife Surveys
Water Well Testing
Regulatory Approval Documents:
  • Pre-Disturbance Assessments (PDA)
  • Environmental Review (ER)
  • Oil and Gas Project Proposal (OGP)
  • Restoration Plan/Project Proposal (RP/PP)
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Private Land Checklist (PLC)
  • Water Use Applications
  • Indian Oil and Gas Audits
  • Surface Lease Renewal Applications
  • Enhanced Approval Process (EAP)
  • Environmental Field Report (EFR)
  • Geophysical Field Report (GFR)
  • Caribou Protection Plan (CPP)
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
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Drilling Monitoring
Government Project Approvals:
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture
  • Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration
  • Saskatchewan Water Security Agency
  • Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
  • Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development
  • Alberta Energy Regulator
  • Indian Oil and Gas Canada
  • Inuvialuit Land Administration
  • Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
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Pipeline Tie In
Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) & Remediation:
  • Phase I ESA
  • Gas Migration/SCVF Testing
  • Phase II ESA
  • Phase III ESA/Wellsite Remediation
  • Spill Site Remediation
  • Spill Response
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Environmental Monitoring:
  • Wellsite construction, drilling, production and reclamation
  • Pipeline planning, construction and reclamation
  • Access road planning, construction and reclamation
  • Infiltration well drilling and development
  • Seismic Activity including planning, surveying, clearing, drilling and recording
  • Monitoring wildlife, flora or fauna during construction activities
  • Water level monitoring on lakes during winter withdrawals
  • FRAC monitoring for pipeline bores under water courses
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Environmental Monitoring
Vegetation and Wildlife Surveys:
  • Working knowledge in sensitive areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
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Water Well Testing:
  • Standard for Baseline Water-Well Testing for Coalbed Methane/Natural Gas in Coal Operations
  • Gas Sampling Requirements for Baseline Water-Well Testing for Coalbed Methane/Natural Gas in Coal Operations
  • The Free Gas Sampling Standard Operating Procedure for Baseline Water Well Testing
  • Indian Oil and Gas Canada water well testing requirements, as required since May 01, 2013.
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