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Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) & Remediation:

Phase I ESA :

  • These are a summary of past and current site conditions as discovered through conducting a detailed desktop review of current and historical documentation and a site visit as well as interviews. Phase I ESA’s are the first step in the abandonment process for wellsites and oil and gas facilities.

Gas Migration/SCVF Testing:

  • Following downhole abandonment, gas migration testing and surface casing vent flow testing must be done to confirm there is no uncontrolled release of gas from the drilled wellbore. These are done prior to the well surface casing being cut and capped.

Phase II ESA:

  • A phase II ESA involves collecting intrusive soil samples in an attempt to characterize the subsurface of a site. This may include characterizing contamination or potential contamination.

Phase III ESA/Wellsite Remediation:

  • A Phase III (remediation) may be required during the abandonment process of wellsites or oil/gas facilities. This involves the removal and treatment and/or disposal of contaminated soils and replacement with unimpacted material.

Spill Site Remediation:

  • Fluid releases require remediation of soil and sometimes groundwater. Removal of contaminated soil for treatment and/or disposal followed by replacement with unimpacted material may be necessary.

Spill Response:

  • Upon discovery of a spill, immediate spill response may be required. This may involve directing initial clean up efforts, initial waste characterization, contractor organization, disposal arrangements and incident commanding.

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