X-Terra Environmental Services Ltd.

Environmental Impact Assessment


X-Terra specializes in the environmental assessment of large-scale developments and bringing complex projects through the planning and construction phases, and into operations.   Our team delivers high quality outcomes to industry by providing environmental planning, biophysical assessment, regulatory guidance, mitigation planning, permitting services, community health and safety compliance, resource management, and ongoing asset management. We have consistently proven with our clients that communication, transparency and stakeholder participation through all phases of the project provide the best solutions to all projects.

Our assessment services include:

  • Environmental Screening

  • Regulatory Application, Approval and Permitting

  • Environmental Protection and Mitigation Planning

  • Project Management

  • Baseline Environmental Study

  • Species at Risk Survey and Mitigation Planning

  • Terrestrial and Aquatic Habitat Inventory and Assessment

  • Land Use and Natural Resource Management

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Stakeholder Consultation

  • Social, Cultural and Heritage Resource Evaluation

  • Hydrology Studies and Water Resource Management

  • Reclamation Planning

  • Wetland Delineation, Management and Mitigation

  • Ecological Toxicology and Risk Assessment

  • Hydrogeological Investigations

  • Project, Site and Route Planning

  • Project, Site and Route Planning