X-Terra Environmental Services Ltd.

Regulatory Approvals, Permitting and Audits


The broad experience of our team allows us to take innovative approaches to environmental compliance solutions for our oil and gas, utility and mining clients across western Canada. We have experience in all federal, provincial, territorial and local regulatory regimes and approach all of our projects with a philosophy that promotes environmental, social, cultural, and corporate responsibility, while incorporating input from local stakeholders.

Our Regulatory Experience includes:

  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for Large Projects

  • Provincial Technical Proposals and Federal Project Screenings

  • Oil and Gas Project Proposals (OGP) for SAGD Developments and Saskatchewan Crown Lands

  • Conservation and Reclamation (C&R) Plans

  • Environmental Protection Plans (EPP)

  • Pre-Disturbance Assessments (PDA)

  • Environmental Project Screenings

  • National Energy Board (NEB) Applications

  • Alberta Environmental Field Reports (EFR)

  • Saskatchewan Private Land Checklists (PLC)

  • Environmental Assessment (EA) on First Nations Lands

  • Environmental Effects Evaluation (EEE) on Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lands

  • Restoration Plans for Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture Lands

  • Species at Risk Mitigation Plans

  • Land Use Permit and Water Licence Applications in the Northwest Territories

  • Cumulative Effects Assessment

  • Caribou and Species ant Risk Protection Plans

  • Alberta Water Act Approvals.

  • Applications for Authorization for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans