X-Terra Environmental Services Ltd.
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Environmental Site Assessment, Remediation and Reclamation


X-Terra provides technical solutions with a balanced risk management-based approach, incorporating stakeholder objectives and cost control with design excellence. X-Terra understands that our industrial clients manage their sites within a portfolio of environmental liabilities and every environmental project comes with numerous internal and external interests. We leverage our local experience and our ability to proactively engage stakeholders to provide some of the most advanced and innovative techniques to our clients’ challenges. Our experienced team employs a structured, logical approach to reclamation and remediation activities that considers business objectives, long and short-term financial planning, current and future liability, property value, potential future use, safety, public relations, and corporate responsibility.

Service Lines Include:

  • Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments

  • Reclamation Design and Implementation

  • Alberta Reclamation Certificate Applications

  • Saskatchewan Application for Acknowledgement of Reclamation

  • Decommissioning Plans

  • Remediation Site Management

  • Feasibility Studies, Remedial Design

  • Facility Closure Strategies

  • In-Situ and Ex-Situ Technologies

  • Groundwater Delineation

  • Chemical Fate and Transport and Modeling