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Species at Risk Protection Planning


Protection planning for species at risk is now an integral part of both new construction projects and the ongoing day to day operations for our clients. The screening of projects for potential sensitivities and starting to identify protection mitigations during the project planning phase ultimately saves on construction and operations delay costs. Based on this screening and species-specific surveys, we develop plans that work for our clients while ensuring the protection of species at risk.

Our team of ecologists and biologists have extensive experience across western Canada and specialize in the assessment and protection of species at risk, including:

  • Species or guild specific surveys including those for raptors, grassland breeding birds, forest breeding birds, leks, burrowing owls, short-eared owls, amphibians, bats, swift foxes, migratory birds, small mammals with live trapping, mammal winter track surveys and camera trap surveys for furbearers including wolverine, prairie rattlesnake hibernacula, nesting birds, ungulate aerial surveys for moose and caribou, and bear denning.

  • Incorporating species-specific requirements into project mitigations.

  • Species-specific protection plans, including Caribou Protection Plans.

  • Cummulative Effects Impact Assessment.