X-Terra Environmental Services Ltd.

GIS and Mapping Services


Our GIS group works closely with our clients on initial site and route planning, figure preparation, habitat delineation, statistical analysis and modelling.  We use GIS analysis to further outline project risks and constraints in the planning phase prior to field assessments taking place to facilitate planning.  Our team is experienced classifying wetlands, developing ecological land classification and habitat suitability models, and designing wildlife, vegetation, and soil impact assessments. In additional to up front assistance, we routinely prepare figures and deliverables, and work with our clients to produce map products used for stakeholder engagement, open houses, presentations and regulatory information sessions.

Our Primary GIS Services Include

  • Wetland delineation.

  • Surface water impact assessment.

  • Site and route planning.

  • Environmental constraints mapping.

  • Landcover and habitat classification.

  • Habitat suitability index modelling.

  • Species-specific impact modelling.

  • Figure and map product preparation.

  • Environmental Alignment Sheet preparation.

  • Impact assessment planning.