X-Terra Environmental Services Ltd.

Surface Water Protection


Our aquatic specialists have experience integrating surface water protection planning into projects across a wide range of sectors from power lines, single oil wells sites, roads and utility corridors to large scale multi-year studies for pipelines and Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage projects. This range of experience allows us to continually provide our clients with innovative solutions for mitigating impacts of both project construction, and the ongoing daily operations on water resources.

Our Aquatics Team Provides Services in:

  • Wetland delineation and classification.

  • Surface water drainage and flow modelling.

  • Surface water quality assessment.

  • Cumulative water extraction impact assessment.

  • Water quality monitoring.

  • Surface water discharge sampling.

  • Turbidity monitoring for construction and directional drilling.

  • Water licensing and use logging.

  • Water Act Approvals.