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Indigenous Engagement and Traditional Resource Assessment


We are a local indigenous-owned company that pride ourselves on meaningful engagement and ensuring that the traditional knowledge gained is integrated into mitigation planning and the ongoing protection of traditional resources. Our everyday attitude of open and transparent communication facilitates relationship building with local communities, ultimately leading to project success for all stakeholders. Our goal is the integration of communities into the projects we are working on and facilitating input into planning and assessment. Our integration into the communities where we work starts with up front engagement and continues through the assessment phase into environmental monitoring during construction and ongoing operations. If desired, this also allows us to help the communities identify and create opportunity for work and ongoing careers within the environmental field.

Our assessment services include:

We have ECO Canada certified BEAHR Indigenous Training Program instructors, which help local First Nations and Metis communities develop environmental competencies by providing introductory skills to those who want to start a career in the environmental field. Our goal is facilitating training and employment in the environmental field in the communities where we work. This goal is achieved through being adaptive to the community and blending ecological and local knowledge with practical field experience. The key to program success is the ongoing mentorship provided by our multidisciplinary team once trainees start their employment in the environmental field.

BEAHR Indigenous Training Program

The BEAHR program provides introductory skills to those who want to start their environmental career path. Become workready and receive short-term, community-based training that integrates local knowledge with scientific knowledge!


Register your group to participate in one or more BEAHR programs to receive a Certificate of Successful Completion:

  • 2-day Land Use Planning Seminar

  • Local Environmental Coordinator

  • Solid Waste Coordinator

  • Land Use Planning Coordinator

  • Environmental Monitoring Coordinator—Research Specialization

  • Environmental Monitoring Coordinator—Regulatory Specialization

  • Environmental Site Assessment Assistant

  • Contaminated Sites Remediation Coordinator