X-Terra Environmental Services Ltd.
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Wildlife and Vegetation Surveys


Wildlife and vegetation survey requirements and associated methodologies are continually evolving, and X-Terra is experienced with scientifically proven assessment methods and protocols required by regulators across western Canada.  Our team has extensive experience carrying out studies for projects across a wide range of sectors from power lines, single oil wells sites, roads and utility corridors to large scale multi-year studies for pipelines and Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage projects.

Our Experience And Assessments we Commonly Carry Out For Our Clients Include:

- Wildlife

  • Baseline Population Studies

  • Habitat Assessment

  • Cumulative Effects Assessment

  • Species at Risk Assessment

  • Wildlife Mitigation Plans

  • Caribou and Ungulate Surveys

  • Amphibian Surveys

  • Breeding and Migratory Bird Surveys

  • Bear Denning Activity Assessment

  • Detailed Species-Specific Surveys

- Fish and Fish Hiabitat

  • Population Surveys

  • Electrofishing, Gill Netting, Fyke Netting, Sein Netting, Minnow Trapping and Angling

  • Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Assessment

  • Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada Applications for Authorization

  • Impact Assessment and Offset Planning

  • Fish Salvage

- Vegetation and Rare Plants

  • Vegetation Inventory

  • Aquatic Vegetation Surveys

  • Rare Plant Surveys

  • Habitat Assessment

  • Ecosite Delineation and Mapping

  • Risk Assessment